Beginner’s Guide to Online Business – Part 1

It’s estimated that 20,000 people a month begin their internet business. Unfortunately, most never make a dime. In this series of article I want to help you get started the right way. an LLC for an online business

So here is step 1…

Think Offline.

If you were going to start a business offline, what would you do?

01 :: Dream – You would clearly see the business and the market you are wanting to serve.

02 :: Plan – You would make a list of everything you would need to do to get started.

03 :: Legal – you would form your corporation, LLC or partnership.

04 :: Finance – You would make a detailed financial plan to discover if you have any business getting into business. Then you would approach friends, family, investors and banks to try to get the money

05 :: More – you would look for a locate, renovate, order inventory, set an opening date, create a marketing plan….

The list is really huge if everything was actually listed.

You need to take the same approach online if you really want to make money. If you really want to do well online, you have to approach it with the offline fundamentals. Sure, you can find a dozen courses promising to make you a thousand in the next 24 hours, but for most that just is not going to happen. The majority of people are going to spend a lot of money and never make a return on their investment.

That’s the first step. Well, it’s not a step at all, it’s a philosophy and mindset. Think offline. Don’t try to make it on the internet thinking “easier,” start thinking harder and better. Begin in reality of business instead of the golden goose promised by the majority.

Concentrate on developing a business owner mentality. The online illusion is that type of thinking isn’t necessary. It’s not only necessary, it’s critical.